2019 – Public Speaking

Silence written in policy: Global Compact on Refugees and LGBTIQ+ persons

Queer Displacements: Sexuality, Migration and Exile, Canberra, November 2019

Plenary on LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees

Canberra Together 2019, September 2019

The State of Being In-Between: Queer Refugee Women, Belonging and the Role of LGBTIQ Community

Global LBQ Women’s Conference, South Africa, July 2019

Academic Paper: ‘I am not like those people and people from here. I am in between. I am everything.’ : On the construction of narratives about queer refugee women and biopolitical governance 

NORA Conference: Border Regimes, Territorial Discourses and Feminist Politics, University of Iceland,  May 2019

Panellist on the panel dedicated to the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia

Cth Department of Health, Canberra, May 2019

Guest Lecture: ‘You must feel so free now’ Violence against queer asylum-seeking and refugee women in Australia.

University of Sydney, Sydney, April 2019

Academic Paper: ‘Listening to traumas of and with queer refugee women’

2nd Australia and New Zealand Refugee Trauma Recovery in Resettlement Conference, Brisbane, March 2019

Panel convenor and moderator: ‘Queering Service Provision’

Refugee Alternatives Conference, Refugee Council of Australia, Adelaide, February 2019

Panelist: ‘Rainbow Refugees and Immigration’

78ers, First Mardi Gras, Sydney, February 2019

Workshop facilitator: Building service capacity to work with queer people from refugee backgrounds

Better Together 2019, Sydney, January 2019

Panel moderator: ‘In our words: Being LGBTIQ+ and seeking asylum in Australia’. 

Better Together 2019, Sydney, January 2019