2018 CEDAW Shadow Report – Human Rights Violations of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and intersex Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Women in Australia

Submitted and presented at the 70th CEDAW Session, OHCHR, Geneva

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Co-author: Gender Audit Report on the Second and Third Thematic Discussions on the Global Compact on Refugees

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In exile: finding home as a queer woman from a refugee background

Archer Magazine #8, the ‘SPACES’ issue.

Finding a home in a new place is difficult, especially when your rights to that home are constantly called into question. Access the publication here.

‘Stories About Hope’: Exploration of Survival, Refugee Identity and Possibilities for Belonging Through Art

GLOBAL2017 The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies,  Barcelona, Spain.

In the settings of the World refugee crisis, we get to hear only one story – a story of trauma, victimhood and vulnerability. The visual representation of refugees has become a spectacle of suffering. But what possibilities would open, if we dared to imagine a survivor instead of a victim? Drawing on Wendy Brown, Judith Butler and Allison Weir, we want to argue for a shift in perceptions and representations of displaced and exiled people. Using the case study of the social art project ‘Stories about Hope’, we aim to explore the imposition of refugee identity and discuss the possibilities for belonging. This is a collaborative work of partners, Renee Dixson (visual artist) and Tina Dixson (Doctoral candidate) that has emerged through their personal experience and academic reflection on it.

Authors: Tina Dixson, Institute for Social Justice, Australian Catholic University, Australia Renee Dixson, University of New South Wales, Australia

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CEDAW Shadow Report ‘Discrimination And Violence Against Lesbian And Bisexual Women And Transgender People In Ukraine’

Submitted and presented at the 45th CEDAW Session, OHCHR, Geneva

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