Our work


Cartoon ‘Being Queer and Refugee’  

This project has been funded by the Channel Diverse Storytelling Grant. The cartoon discusses the experiences of being queer and refugee taking about navigating the life in Australia as a queer refugee woman. The cartoon has been co-designed with women.

This project privileges and foregrounds the lived experience of queer refugee women. It’s unique as we share what we think is an effective support and vital as it tells the world that we exist. This is one of the first projects in Australia of such nature.

If you are a queer woman who is seeking asylum in Australia and you want to be a part of this work, please contact me.

Brochure ‘Being Queer and Refugee’

This project has been funded by the Lesbian Inc Grant. It is an informational resource aimed at service providers to better understand the experiences of queer refugee women and ensure appropriate service provision. It provides 30 useful tips for service providers to make sure that their service provision is inclusive.

You can download the web version and the print version with crop and bleed here. You can print your own copy, however you may not change the content of the brochure. See the copyright instructions on the p2 of the brochure.

Sexual health: free workshop for queer refugee women

This workshop aimed to cover a range of topics in relation to sexual health including types of sexual practices between people with vulvas, psychosexual health, consent, body autonomy, STIs and transmission, and methods of safe sex. This workshop is for all women, non-binary people and people with vulvas.

It was held in December 2018.

GALFA Grant to organise a first-ever retreat for queer refugee women. 

Read about it here.

Submission to the CEDAW review of Australia.

Access the submission here.