About me

My name is Tina Dixson.

I am a PhD Candidate researching the lived experiences of queer refugee women in Australia.

In my career I’ve worked in the areas of LGBTIQ, refugee and women’s rights both in Australia and overseas.

I have strong experience working with the UN agencies. In 2011 I co-drafted a shadow report on the human rights violations of LBT women and presented it at the 45th Session of the CEDAW Committee in Geneva. In 2017 I was an Australian delegate to undertake a gender audit of the Global Compact for Refugees in UNHCR, Geneva. In 2018, I drafted and presented a CEDAW shadow report on behalf of the Queer Sisterhood Project on the human rights infringements of LGBTIQ asylum-seeking and refugee women in Australia for the 70th CEDAW Session.

In 2018, together with my partner Renee, we founded a Queer Sisterhood Project, a peer-run support and advocacy group for queer refugee women in Australia.

In 2019, together with my partner Renee, we convened the first conference in Australia called Queer Displacements: Sexuality, Migration and Exile, focusing solely on the issues of LGBTIQ+ asylum.

I have set a goal for myself to actively contribute to the public discourse on people from refugee backgrounds in particular on queer women, raising issues of intersectionality, ethics, and representation. I am always happy to present at your event.

I love doing lots of cools things with Renee like Stories about Hope, traveling, reading books, and drinking good wine.

For a more formal version about me, check my LinkedIn page. To contact me, send an email to queersisterhood [at] gmail [dot] com